What is FlipCongress?

It's Simple...

We want to DO something practical to make a difference in our current political crisis.

Flipping Congress from Red to Blue has the best chance of putting the brakes on the chaotic mess in Washington, DC. 

But with hundreds of candidates running all around the country, how are we supposed to know who to support?

That’s where we came up with the idea for FlipCongress. We researched the best publicly available polling sites — Real Clear Politics and The Cook Report — and picked the top 39 races with the best chance to flip from R to D. 

If you want to give money to Democratic candidates, this should be your starting point.

We’ve created a simple layout where you can click DIRECTLY to the donation page for whichever candidate interests you. We don’t charge any money and we don’t keep a penny — all of your dollars go directly to the campaign of your choice.

Time is running out and these candidates need your support! Give today!

Who We Are

We were created by former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger and former Independent candidate for Governor Evan Falchuk.

About Scott

Scott Harshbarger has had a long and successful public service career as a public defender, civil rights attorney, Middlesex District Attorney and Massachusetts Attorney General. From 1999-2002, Scott served as President and CEO of Common Cause, the national nonprofit citizens’ lobby, public interest advocacy and government and corporate watchdog group. A former democratic candidate for governor, Scott is currently senior counsel at the Boston law firm of Casner & Edwards.

About Evan

Evan Falchuk is an accomplished healthcare and political entrepreneur and attorney who has been a passionate advocate for good causes. In 2014, he founded the United Independent Party and was an independent candidate for Massachusetts Governor, earning over 70,000 votes. In 2015, he led the effort for a statewide ballot initiative to prevent the use of taxpayer money on the proposed Boston 2024 Olympic Games. Today he is the CEO of VillagePlan, Inc., a company that helps families navigate the many challenges of caring for an aging loved one.